Duplantis anticipe les records aux JO : “Chaque saut est une opportunité de battre des records…”


Armand Duplantis, the pole vaulter, had another incredible year in 2023, winning the world championship and breaking his own record twice. In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Duplantis reflected on his achievements and looked ahead to Paris 2024. While he didn’t break the world record, he still won the gold medal in Budapest. Duplantis continues to amaze with his ability to reach new heights.

In 2023, Duplantis surpassed his previous records in pole vaulting, clearing 6.22m and 6.23m within seven months. He also won the gold medal at the World Championships in Budapest. Despite facing pressure, Duplantis expressed satisfaction with his performance, stating that he reacted well after a rare defeat in Monaco. He confirmed his title as champion with a strong jump of 6.10m at the All Star Perche in Clermont-Ferrand.

Duplantis was particularly moved by his jump of 6.22m, as it was achieved at the facility of his friend Renaud Lavillenie, who was injured at the time. Reflecting on his ability to consistently surpass expectations, Duplantis admitted that he sometimes feels the pressure to break records with every jump. He joked that his records might become boring to others. The experience of the “Covid Olympics” in Tokyo also affected him, as one of his competitors tested positive before the competition. Duplantis is looking forward to the atmosphere of the Olympic Village and having friends and family in the stands in Paris 2024.

He is aware of the competition he will face at the Olympics, especially from Renaud Lavillenie, who will be highly motivated by the opportunity to compete at home. Duplantis has already identified his main rivals, including Ernest Obiena from the Philippines. He is also interested in taking on the challenge of racing against Karsten Warholm and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce in the 100m event. Despite his success in pole vaulting, Duplantis has demonstrated his versatility and competitiveness in other disciplines.

As the greatest jumper of all time, Duplantis has many future projects and aspirations.

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